Being from Argentina, my wife Leni and I wanted to bring two of the Argentinian food staples to NYC. I wanted people to experience the simple, yet artisanal nature of empanadas and medialunas that I loved growing up as a child. I thought it was a perfect concept for a city that is always on the go, where people are constantly looking for fresh, healthy, yet easy-to-eat meals.

My goal was to redefine the culinary concept of "hand-held foods" so that no utensils are needed and so that the flavors appeal to all cultures, even to those with dietary restrictions. I take food seriously, and I wanted to serve not just good empanadas but the best empanadas, by using only quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced. 

In 2011, Nuchas opened its first retail location in the heart of NYC, Times Square, but it wasn't until we released our first food truck in 2012, when people started to notice who we were. We quickly built a reputation among the NYC street food scene, with our food truck and two pushcarts that could be found all over NYC. In 2013, Nuchas won Rookie of the Year Vendy Award and in the same year, opened our second retail location in Greeley Square. In 2014, we won the People's Taste Vendy Award and it's been fast-growing ever since.