A couple of posts ago, we told you all about our vegan and vegetarian empanadas. Today is all about meat empanadas. 

One of Nuchas’ most popular flavors is the Short Rib, and in this post we want to tell you why.

First, there is something about the combination of our classic dough and red wine-braised meat that combines into juicy perfection. In fact, in Argentina, the BBQ capital of the world, short ribs are one of the most popular cuts of meat for barbecuing and one of the most traditional ways of eating barbecues is “al pan” which literally means in bread. So, the combination between short ribs and flaky dough is a win!

Second, the shredded, falling-off the bone texture of our short ribs make each bite especially delicious. It’s like a 5 star meal in the palm of your hand.

Finally, the sourcing of the meat makes this empanada special. Pat Lafrieda is the premiere butcher in New York -  seriously - and we are proud to say that ALL of our meat is sourced from his famous shop. We are convinced that in order to end up with a great, to die for meat empanada, we must start with amazing ingredients and a whole lot of love. If you do some research, you’ll find out that we’re not the only ones saying so, many top NYC restaurants choose Pat for this same reason.

Our Short Rib empanadas, are made using Creekstone Farm’s All Natural Black Angus Beef. This means that the meat we use is certified to contain:

  • No Antibiotics 
  • No Added Hormones 
  • No Growth Promoting Drugs
  • No Artificial Ingredients 
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet
  • Sourced Verified to Ranch of Birth
  • Raised with Humane Animal Handling Practices

We know you’re probably drooling by now! Just stop at any of our locations and enjoy a one-of-a-kind Short Rib empanada. Now you know that what you’re eating is the REAL DEAL